134 Hope Street

134 Hope Street


with 143 apartments, a co-working space and a boutique retail space at the ground level.

134 Hope Street is a proposed seven story residential building in Williamsburg with 143 apartments, a co-working space and a boutique retail space at the ground level.

The design pays homage to the historical context as well as fosters the contemporary ideals and artistic expression of the local residents.

The design was envisioned as a sculptural addition to the neighborhood characterized by a textural brick exterior with oscillating facets giving the new development an iconic streetscape and a welcome point of interest to the surrounding context.

The building is carved by a series of sculptural interventions connecting indoor and outdoor, and encouraging engagement between the building and pedestrians.

On the exterior, the building is elevated off of the ground and the street corners opened to allow for seating. The exterior form extends into the building, creating many unique moments of contemplation on the interior and is enhanced further through the use of innovative design and materials.

In addition to the prominent sculptural characteristics, the building offers a variety of gathering areas including a central lobby, atrium and outdoor spaces that create a connection to nature as well as promote a sense of community.  From a tranquil zen garden to a walk in the park, the design promotes a symbiotic relationship between the natural world and the built environment. The central atrium space will feature a hanging sculpture designed by an artist that embodies these values.

The double height co-working spaces have been crafted to create an inviting private area where users can also admire permanent art installations.

Transitional spaces of the building such as the residential corridors are illuminated and enlivened with natural daylight from the atrium and an iconic light well carved into the heart of the building.